The Board of Directors of the BID is comprised of seven property owners (Class A) and two tenants with commercial leases (Class B) in the downtown Yonkers geographic area defined in the establishing legislation. These members are elected by a vote of their respective class every two years at the Annual Meeting. Also on the board are one resident (Class C) and three ex officio members (the Mayor, the Chief Financial Officer of the City and the Council person in whose district the BID properties lie) (Class D).

The Board of Directors of the BID for 2016-17 are:

  • Ken Dearden, DW Capital (Class A)
  • Alvaro Penalba, Atlantic Bank (Class A)
  • Nando Paterra, Zuppa Restaurant (Class A)
  • Roger Ayuso, Roger’s Furniture (Class A)
  • Christopher St. Lawrence, Waterfront Development Corp. (Class A)
  • Tim Rutledge, Rising Development (Class A)
  • Landon Cole, 66 Main Street (Class B)
  • Robert Hothan, Resident (Class C)
  • Cecilia Zuniga, La Pinata Bakery (Class B)


Ex officio Class D:

  • John Liszewski, City of Yonkers Finance Commissioner
  • Hon. Michael J. Spano, Mayor
  • Hon. Christopher Johnson, Yonkers City Councilman, 1st District