On April 18th The Downtown Waterfront BID, The Clearwater, and environmentally conscious volunteers beautified a large vacant lot at 9 Riverdale Ave.  The work was labor-intensive removing weeds and clearing garbage and debris. Protective fabric was then used to cover the ground surface to prevent weed growth and then the entire lot was covered with natural mulch. Three extra-large planters were added and then trees and flowers were placed in them. The result was beautiful!

The yearly celebration of Earth Day is designed to create a renewed awareness and appreciation for our fragile environment. The Yonkers Waterfront BID celebrated this day by joining forces with another local group and many enthusiastic volunteers!

The group also went back to lot previously cleaned up last year at 39 Palisades Avenue and re-beatified that space, as well, creating a beautiful spring garden! Happy Earth Day!

More pictures available at https://goo.gl/photos/HGoU6aPVb9YbFLSr6.  For more information on other Earth Day activities visit Yonkersdowntown.com/calendar.