“Finding Form” – Art Exhibition in Downtown Yonkers Opening Reception Feb 25th.  Each artist explores composition, color and subject matter in unique ways.
Yonkers Riverfront Gallery, Yonkers Public Library, 4th Floor (Across the street from the Yonkers train station)
1 Larkin Plaza, Yonkers, NY 10701
Opening Reception February 25, 5:30-7:30 pm

Finding Form
presents the work of Clayton Calvert, Parker Calvert, and Ricardo Arango. The show was curated by Haifa Bint-Kadi, director of the Riverfront Gallery. Clayton Calvert’s paintings are indicative of the environments in which they are created. He often abstracts his subjects in an effort to capture the essential elements. Parker Calvert’s photographs document various aspects of New York City and combines an exploration into sources of light and how these lights interact with the City. He finds varying ways these can be captured as he creates his fantastic images.  Ricardo Arango’s elegant sculptures invite the audience to approach them and have a closer look. There the viewer discovers an intricate world of beautiful forms placed throughout these unique works.

Clayton Calvert is a painter, sculptor and installation artist. His practice explores the relationship between representation and abstraction as he contemplates his subjects.  He has lived in Rome studying art and architecture and has also studied with renowned painters Carlo Maria Mariani and John Foote. He uses the finest materials when creating his works and he is a proponent of all kinds of mixed media. His paintings, sculptures and installations capture moments in time that are characteristic of his experiences. In a world filled with technology and digital manifestations, his art is a tactile testament to the power of color, texture, and form. Clayton thinks of art as a cultural lock box that is capable of preserving aspects of the times in which they were created. He is currently represented by Gerald Bland in New York City and Mark Humphrey Gallery in Southampton, NY

Parker Calvert explores the dynamic nature of light and the relationships between luminous sources and environment. His current context is New York City, a perpetually lit urban sprawl. The City provides unlimited possibilities for light translation. Parker is continuously fascinated by the ever-evolving skyline and the City has changed drastically during his lifetime. He documents that shift in a unique way. The subjects at times are hardly recognizable because of Calvert’s deliberate camera movement, light manipulation and varying technical settings.  Each shot is a single long exposure. In speaking about his work he states, “My images create a whimsical bridge between different eras and capture the radiant energy of NYC. My work dissolves many of the details of the City, and thus distills it to its brilliant essence.” He is represented by Mark Humphrey Gallery in Southampton, NY.

Ricardo Arango uses various media in his sculptures such as ceramics, glass, marble and steel.  Arango sometimes explores the combination of all these different elements in one piece. His work highlights the beauty of each material as he places the diverse materials in unique arrangements. There are soft edges, sharp points, rounded forms, vibrant colors and Arango maintains a steady commitment to composition throughout his process. He says,  “The diverse qualities of materials excite my imagination such as the flexibility of clay, the rigidity of metal and the fluid nature of fired glass. I create seeking  to explore the visual relationships between the materials in creating new forms.” Inspired by the sculpture of Anthony Caro, Louise Nevelson, Omar Rayo and David Smith, Arango creates his own concepts with an underlying interest in uplifting the spirit of his audience. Arango also has work on display through February 27, 2016 at the Best of ASCA 98th Annual Exhibition presented at Ceres Gallery, 547 West 27th, New York, NY. He will be exhibiting work at Teachers College at Columbia University, 5th Floor Macy Gallery, April 7-12 and at The Art Students League April 18-23.