Yonkers makes a lot of things, but what is better than a cold drink on a hot summer night.  Check out how the Yonkers Brewing Co, located in Downtown Yonkers, makes their own beer on location.

Made in Yonkers is our tribute to Yonkers businesses – big and small – who are creating jobs and helping build the American Dream by making things right here in Yonkers. Join us as we visit every corner of the city to find the interesting, creative and things-you-didn’t-know that are Made in Yonkers.

From its early days as a saw mill town to some of the world’s most important inventions, Yonkers has a long history of making things. Elisha Otis invented the safety elevator here, making skyscrapers possible. Charles Harvey of Yonkers built the first elevated train line, which paved the way for the subway system and mass transit. Edwin Armstrong invented FM radio in Yonkers, and Yonkers resident Leo Baekeland invented the first plastic — a good thing since all those radios would need cases.  The first game of golf in America? Played in Yonkers. The world’s largest carpet mill? Operated in Yonkers. And today, Kawasaki Rail Car builds trains for the MTA and transit systems around the world right here in Yonkers. Domino Sugar refines sugar for the Northeast on the Yonkers waterfront. And the app developers of Mindspark and bio-engineers of Contrafect are leading Yonkers into the new economy.