Yonkers Arts Weekend is a celebration of the thriving and diverse arts community in the City of Yonkers.  On Saturday, May 14 and Sunday, May 15, hundreds of local, regional and international artists, artisans, painters, fashion designers, photographers, sculptors, craftsmen, musicians, filmmakers, new media specialists, and other artists will converge on Yonkers to showcase their work at Yonkers Arts Weekend.  Yonkers Arts Weekend has events in four unique locations, including The Downtown Waterfront, the Carpet Mills Arts District, Untermyer Gardens and the Hudson River Museum.  There are Free shuttles to each of these hotspots courtesy of the City of Yonkers!

Below is information on the events in Downtown Yonkers, visit yonkersartsweekend.com for the fill city-wide schedule.

COLOR RUN 9-12AM (Saturday ONLY)

Gallery: 12-5PM, 86 Main St. (“the anchor”)
Gallery: 12-5PM, Carrier Pigeon – 66 Main St. A
Gallery: 12-5PM, Urban Studio Unbound – 66 Main St. B
Gallery: 12-5PM, Jovana Djuric – 66 Main St. C
Gallery: 12-5PM, Claudine Maidique Gallery – 530 Nepperhan Ave, 3rd F.
Gallery: 12-5PM, BleedCulture – 21 Main St.
Gallery: 12-5PM, YAW Group Exhibition – 18 Main St.
Gallery: 12-5PM, SUNY Purchase PC4 – 16 Warburton Ave.
Gallery: 12-5PM, Blue Door Art Center – 13 Riverdale Ave.

Jamel Robinson @Getty Square 12-5PM
Golden Artistry Art Show @Philipse Manor Hall 12 – 5PM
Purchase HD Quintet @Getty Square 1-3PM
Purchase String Quartet @Getty Square 3-5PM
Drink N’Draw @Yonkers Brewing Company TBD
SLC Child Development Center @ Van der Donck Park 12-5PM
Yonkers Shimmy Mob @ Van der Donck Park 3-5PM

Damien Mitchell @Hudson St. YMCA
Eelco van den Berg @41 North Broadway
Fumero @12 Main St.
Werc Alvarez @131 New Main St.
Ilana Price @Riverdale Ave. & Nepperhan Ave.
Leonardo de la Cruz @Dock St.

CELEBRATE – YAWBash!  Raise a pint during Yonkers Arts Weekend! YAWBash 2016 takes place on Saturday, May 14 at Yonkers Brewing Co., starting at 9pm.  66 Main St.  More info at yofifest.com.

yonkersartsweekend.com.  Yonkers Arts Weekend 2016 is produced by the City of Yonkers in partnership with Urban Studio Unbound.


Come for the art, stay for dinner.  Click for more information and reservations