Downtown Yonkers is a great location for businesses to thrive. There is a diverse variety of retail and office space available throughout the area. Downtown Yonkers features everything from premiere storefront spaces to state-of-the-art office complexes. There is something for everyone in Downtown Yonkers.

Why Yonkers?

Downtown Yonkers offers a unique, cost-effective opportunity for your business. There are a variety of factors that all come together to make this area exceptional.

Proximity to NYC

Yonkers borders the north end of New York City. At the heart of Downtown Yonkers is a beautiful train station. At least two trains run every hour, non-stop directly to Grand Central Station in the heart of mid-town Manhattan. It takes 32 minutes door-to-door.

Cost Effective and Flexible

The Downtown Yonkers Waterfront is the most cost-effective location for businesses to find the specific amenities that they need to succeed. For example, space in the new and tech-focused iPark complex averages $20/sq ft ( You would be hard pressed to find anything at all in Manhattan for under $60/sq ft. The iPark complex combines the gritty urban feel of Yonkers with state-of-the art technology and flexibility. With office space from 5,000 to 50,000 square feet they provide a great opportunity for a business to grow. There are also many other office spaces in Downtown Yonkers that can meet your needs. For example, 66 Main can provide space for smaller businesses, which feature balconies and views of the entire waterfront. There are also a number of storefronts that are available to a new business to move in right away. The key to all of this is that you are a short walk to the train station and minutes from NYC.

Downtown Yonkers Community

Make no mistake about it; Yonkers is an urban community with a gritty and rugged style. However, our City has invested millions of dollars to transform the waterfront into a beautiful area to work and live. Recently the city won numerous awards for their transformation of a bland parking lot into an ecological masterpiece. They “daylighted” a river that was hidden under the city for almost 100 years. Located in the heart of the downtown, the exposed river was the centerpiece of a $30million project that created a brand new park ( In the coming months, much of Downtown Yonkers will also feature free Wi-Fi. The City of Yonkers is also very business friendly and offers a variety of incentives to attract new business. I worked directly with the heads of those departments and could help things to move quickly and efficiently.

Thousands of young professionals and artists have also seen the value of downtown Yonkers, and are moving here in droves. Several beautiful, new apartment buildings have been constructed over the past ten years and more are planned to meet the growing need. These apartments are also a great place for your staff to live if they wanted a two minute walking commute. Hundreds of artists are also making Downtown Yonkers their home. There is also the Blue Door Art Gallery, a waterfront amphitheatre, sculpture gardens, murals, and much more. We have a variety of environmental groups as well in the downtown, including the Beczak Environmental Education Center and award winning Science Barge.

The Yonkers Downtown Waterfront provides the infrastructure, environment, culture, and the location for efficient businesses to succeed. 30 minutes from mid-town Manhattan at a 1/3 the price. That is why Downtown Yonkers is right for your business.